Walter Scott: The Keepsake Stories
 a machine-readable transcription

Version 1.0:	1993-02-06

The text of the three stories is taken from Waverley Novels, vol. XLI:
'The Highland Widow', published by Archibald Constable and Co,
Westminster, 1896.

The order of the stories in the original is:

	Aunt Margaret's Mirror
	The Tapestried Chamber
	The Laird's Jock

Each story is placed in a separate file, and each file contains the
author's introduction to the story.

The lines of the files follow that of the text, except that
end-of-line hyphenations have been removed. Three misprints have been

  p. ???: extraneous period (Mrs. Swinton)
          (Mr and Mrs is set without periods in the text(
  p. 328: a double (re- || remain)
  p. 344: a missing inner quote (how then shall I ask it?'')

all of which where found in the Mirror.

Special markup:

_ _	indicates italics in the original text
---	indicates an em-dash
<oe>	indicates the oe ligature
<c,>	indicates the c-cedilla
<e'>	indicates e acute

Small capitals have been replaced with lower-case letters.


The sequence `L.20' which appears in the introduction to the `Mirror'
is so printed in the text. The Centenary Edition of the Waverley
Novels uses a pound sterling sign instead of the `L.'.

The transcription and proof-reading were done by Anders Thulin,
Rydsvagen 288, S-583 30 Linkoping, Sweden.  

I'd be grateful to learn of any errors you find in the text.