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The Image Collection of the Walter Scott Digital Archive is based primarily on the visual materials and realia contained in Edinburgh University Library's Corson Collection. The former include portraits of Scott and of people associated with Scott, art inspired by his novels and poems, illustrations to editions of his works, and pictures of places associated with Scott. They cover a variety of formats: oil and watercolour paintings, drawings, engravings, etchings, lithographs, and photographs. The realia consist of memorabilia and other examples of material culture associated with Scott and his homes and haunts (especially Abbotsford). In addition, there are playbills, title pages, and illustrative material relating to theatrical and musical adaptations of Scott and to translations of his work. The Image Collection also contains manuscripts of Scott's works and correspondence drawn from the Corson Collection and the Library's Laing Collection.

Like the Corson Collection itself, the Image Database is wide-ranging and eclectic. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the diffusion of Scott's work in Scotland, Great Britain, and abroad, in Scott's role in the creation of Scottish national identity, and in his influence on British and foreign depictions of Scotland.

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