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Shorter Poems Available as E-Texts

Follow the links below for online selections of shorter poems by Walter Scott made available by external sites. These include not only poems published in their own right but lyrics extracted from Scott's novels and longer narrative poems. For complete e-texts of Scott's longer poems, click here.

The poems are listed by provider. For a complete index of online Scott poems by TITLE, click here. Where individual poems in selections are highlighted, click to link directly to the online text. Where they are not highlighted, click on the server name to access an (external) index or search engine.

The list of texts should not be regarded as comprehensive, but the page editor would be pleased to hear of significant omissions. For further information on Scott's verse, see Scott the Poet.


Angal Kavya Darpan

Bartleby: 1

Bartleby: 2

Bartleby: 3

Bill Hammel's Home Page

Clan Cameron Archive

The Cyber Hymnal

England's North East

Folk Music of Scotland

Humanities Web

Joe Horn's Poetry Archive


  • 'Hunting Song'.

    Source Text: Bachelor Ballads, ed. Blanche McManus (New York: New Amsterdam Publishing Company, 1898)

The Land Family

The Lied and Art Song Texts Page

The Literary Gothic

Literature Network

Making of America Books: 1

  • The Lady of the Lake -- The Lay of the Last Minstrel -- Marmion --The Vision of Don Roderick -- 'Cadyow Castle' -- 'The Dying Bard' -- 'The Eve of St. John' -- 'The Fire-King' -- 'Frederick and Alice' -- 'Glenfinlas' -- 'The Gray Brother' -- 'Hellvellyn' -- 'The Maid of Toro' -- 'The Norman Horse-Shoe' -- 'Thomas the Rhymer' -- 'War-Song of the Royal Edinburgh Light Dragoons' -- 'The Wild Huntsman'

    Source Text: The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott (Boston: Phillips, Sampson, & Co., 1852)

Making of America Books: 2

  • As above, plus Rokeby.

    Source Text: The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott (Philadelphia: J.B. Smith & Co., 1860)

Making of America Books: 3

  • 'The Bannatyne Club' -- 'The Battle of Sempach' -- 'The Bold Dragoon' -- 'Cadyow Castle' -- 'Carle, now the King's Come' - 'Christie's Will' -- 'Donald Caird's Come Again' -- 'The Dreary Change' -- 'The Dying Bard' -- 'The Eve of St. John' -- 'Farewell to Mackenzie' -- 'Farewell to the Muse' -- 'The Fire-King' -- For a' That an' a' That' -- 'The Foray -- 'Hunting Song' -- 'Frederick and Alice' -- 'Glenfinlas' -- 'The Gray Brother' -- 'Hellvellyn' -- 'Jock of Hazeldean' -- 'Life in the Forest' -- 'Lines on the Lifting of the Banner of the House of Buccleuch' -- 'Lullaby of an Infant Chief' -- 'Macgregor's Gathering' -- 'Mackrimmon's Lament' -- 'The Maid of Isla' -- 'The Maid of Neidpath' -- 'The Maid of Toro' -- 'The Monks of Bangor's March' -- 'The Noble Moringer' -- 'Nora's Vow' -- 'The Norman Horse-Shoe' -- 'Oh, Say Not, My Love' -- 'Pibroch of Donuil Dhu' -- 'The Return to Ulster' -- 'Romance of Dunois' -- 'Song' (', with that mortified air') -- 'Song, for the Anniversary Meeting of the Pitt Club of Scotland' -- Thomas the Rhymer' -- 'The Troubadour' -- 'Wandering Willie' -- 'War-Song of Lachlan' -- 'War-Song of the Royal Edinburgh Light Dragoons' -- The Wild Huntsmen' -- 'William and Helen'

    Source Text: The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1857, vol. VI)

Música i literatura

Oxford Text Archive

  • 'Breathes There the Man' -- 'Brignal Banks' -- 'The Covenanter's Fate' -- 'Farewell to the Muse' -- 'Lucy Ashton's Song' -- Marmion (extracts) -- 'Oh, say not, my love' -- 'Proud Maisie' -- 'Saint Cloud' -- 'Wandering Willie' -- 'A Weary Lot is Thine, Fair Maid' -- 'William and Helen'

    Source Text: Selected Poems, Unknown Edition.

Passions in Poetry

Poet's Corner



Project Gutenberg

  • The Field of Waterloo -- The Vision of Don Roderick -- 'The Dance of Death' -- 'Pibroch of Donuil Dhu' -- 'Romance of Dunois' -- 'The Troubadour'

    Source Text: The Vision of Don Roderick and The Field of Waterloo, ed. Henry Morley (London: George Routledge & Co., 1891)

Rampant Scotland: 1 ('A Selection of Scottish Poetry')

Rampant Scotland: 2 ('Traditional Scottish Songs')


Representative Poetry Online

A Small Anthology of Poems

Sorbie Family Page

Tam Lin Balladry


  • 'Bonny Dundee'

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