Corson P.3441

Sir Walter Scott, engraved by William Home Lizars after Sir Henry Raeburn (1819)

Lizars's engraving was published in the 2nd edition of J.G. Lockhart's Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk (Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1819) (vol. II, facing p.351). It was made after a sketch by J.G. Lockhart (employing the pseudonym Peter Morris). Francis Russell in his Portraits of Sir Walter Scott lists this image as a derivation of Raeburn's 1808 portrait of Scott. Corson, however, in unpublished manuscript notes, is of the view that it derives from Raeburn's 1809 portrait. The ruined wall which features in the 1808 portrait is here replaced by a woodland scene that may appear closer to the backdrop of the 1809 version..

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