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Compositional sketch for The Discovery of the Regalia of Scotland by Andrew Geddes (ca. 1818)

From: Etchings by Sir David Wilkie, Limner to H.M. for Scotland, and by Andrew Geddes: With Biographical Sketches by David Laing (Edinburgh: Printed by R. & R. Clark, 1875)

This compositional sketch is all that remains of Geddes's massive group-portrait The Discovery of the Regalia of Scotland (1821). A number of the figures are identified in pencil as follows. From the right:

    1. ‘[G.?] R. Abercromby’ [General Robert Abercromby (1740-1827), Governor of Edinburgh Castle]
    2. ‘Mr. H. Jardine’ [Henry Jardine, Advocate (1766-1851), the King’s Remembrancer in Exchequer]
    3. ‘Mr Wm Clerk’ [William Clerk, Advocate (d. 1847), Principal Clerk of the Jury Court]
    4. ‘Lord Advocate’ [Alexander Maconochie, Lord Meadowbank (1777-1861)]
    5. ‘Solicitor G.’ [James Wedderburn (1782-1822), Solicitor General]
    6. ‘Sir G. Murray’ [Sir George Murray (1772-1846), Lieutenant Governor of Edinburgh Castle]
    7. ‘Lord Chief Baron’ [Robert Dundas of Arniston (1758-1819), Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer]
    8. ‘Mr T. Thomson’ [Thomas Thomson, Advocate (1768-1852), Deputy Remembrancer in Exchequer]
    9. Unspecified [Kincaid Mackenzie (d. 1820), Lord Provost of Edinburgh?]
    10. ‘Lord President’ [Charles Hope of Granton (1763-1851), Lord President of the Court of Session]
    11. ‘General Hope’ [Sir John Hope (1765-1823), Commander of His Majesty’s Forces in Scotland]
    12. ‘D. of Buccleuch’ [Charles William Henry Douglas-Scott, 4th Duke of Buccleuch, 6th Duke of Queensberry (1772-1819), Lord Lieutenant of the County of Midlothian]
    13. ‘Mr. Scott’ [Sir Walter Scott, nominated in his capacity as one of the Principal Clerks of Session]
    14. ‘D. of Gordon’ [Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon (1743-1827), Keeper of the Great Seal]
    15. ‘L. Justice Clerk’ [David Boyle (1772-1853), Lord Justice Clerk]
    16. ‘Mr Wm Dundas’ [William Dundas (1762-1845), Keeper of the Signet]
    17. ‘L. Commissioner’ [William Adam of Blair Adam (1751-1839), Lord Chief Commissioner of the Jury Court]
    18. ‘Lord Register’ [Archibald Campbell Colquhoun (ca. 1754-1820), Lord Clerk Register]
    19. ‘Lord Melville’ [Robert Saunders Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville (1771-1851), Keeper of the Privy Seal]

Five figures beyond are not specified, but only nineteen commissioners were nominated by the Prince Regent. The only member of the Commission not named here is the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Kincaid McKenzie, who is presumably the unspecified ninth figure.