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Articles and Chapters on Sir Walter Scott, 2000-

An Annotated Bibliography

Follow the links below to access an annotated bibliography of articles and book chapters wholly or substantially devoted to Sir Walter Scott published from the year 2000 onwards.

The bibliography draws primarily on ABELL (Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature), Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Bibliography of Scotland, MLA International Bibliography, OCLC ArticleFirst, and the national library catalogues and union databases accessible via The European Library portal. Additional material was traced via published reviews and citations, the webpages and online curriculae vitae of individual scholars, and private correspondence. Wherever possible, each bibliographical entry is accompanied by an abstract. Where abstracts are absent or brief, it indicates only that the editor is yet to access the publication in question.

The editor would like to thank the many scholars who contributed personally by alerting him to untraced publications and providing abstracts of publications that he could not access. We should always be glad to receive notification of new publications or to be alerted to any omissions or errors.

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