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The Letters of Sir Walter Scott: E-Text

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Original Text

This e-text is based on the 12-volume edition of the Letters prepared by Sir Herbert Grierson (London: Constable, 1932-37) to mark the centenary of Scott's death in 1932. The Grierson edition is not to be regarded as a Collected Letters. For a full (ongoing) list of correspondence to and from Scott, consult the Millgate Union Catalogue of Walter Scott Correspondence. The Walter Scott Digital Archive would like to thank Constable & Robinson Ltd for permission to make this e-text available.

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The Editor

Sir Herbert Grierson, photograph by E. Drummond Young, in Seventeenth-Century Studies Presented to Sir Herbert GriersonSir Herbert Grierson (1866-1960), born in Lerwick, Shetland, was the first Professor of English at Aberdeen University (1894-1915) and was later appointed Regius Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature at Edinburgh University (1915-35). He is best-known for introducing the work of the Metaphysical poets to T.S. Eliot and the Modernist generation through his 1921 anthology Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the Seventeenth Century and his edition of the works of John Donne (1912). He was also, however, an important Scotticist. Besides editing Scott's correspondence with assistance from Davidson Cook and W.M. Parker, he published a life of Scott 'supplementary to and corrective of, Lockhart's biography' (1938) and the Saltire Classics edition of Songs and Lyrics of Sir Walter Scott (1942). For the centenary year 1932, he published a series of 'lectures to the young' on Scott and edited the volume of essays Sir Walter Scott To-day. He was knighted for his services to English Studies in 1936. The Notes and Index to his edition of Scott's Letters were prepared by James C. Corson and published in 1979.

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The Transcriber

The Walter Scott Digital Archive would like to thank Professor Takero Sato who prepared this e-text and very kindly offered to make it generally available via our site. A distinguished Scotticist, Takero Sato is the author of A Concordance to the Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott (1996) and of Japanese translations of The Lay of the Last Minstrel (1983), Marmion (1995), and The Lady of the Lake (2002), and of J.G. Lockhart's Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart (2001). Since retiring from his post as Professor of English at Tsukuba International University, he has become President of the Japan-Scotland Society.

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Click on the text links below to access PDF files of The Letters of Sir Walter Scott. The figures to the left of each line of the e-text indicate the corresponding volume and page number in the original edition (London: Constable, 1932-37). E.g. '3-55' indicates that the text corresponds to Vol. III, p. 255 of the Constable edition. Numbers which occur in the text refer to footnotes in the original edition.

Sir Walter Scott, engraved by James Heath after an 1805 portrait by James Saxon (Corson P.6118)
Sir Walter Scott, engraved by Charles Heath after an 1808 portrait by Sir Henry Raeburn (Corson P.4488)
Abbotsford in 1812, engraving by William Richardson, 1839 (Corson B.LOCJ.36)
Sir Walter Scott, photogravure after an 1816 portrait by William Nicholson (Corson B.CAW.1)
Sir Walter Scott, photogravure after an 1818 portrait by Andrew Geddes (Corson B.CAW.1)
Sir Walter Scott, engraved by Robert Bell after an 1820 portrait by John Watson Gordon (Corson P.6122)
Sir Walter Scott, engraved by H.W. Smith after an 1821 portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence (Corson P.6104)
Sir Walter Scott, engraved by M.I. Danforth after an 1824 portrait by Charles Robert Leslie (Corson P.4566)
Sir Walter Scott, engraved by H.T. Ryall after an 1826 portrait by John Prescott Knight (Corson P.6110)
Sir walter Scott, engraved by Edward Lacey from an 1827 medal by Thomas Stothard (Corson P.4567)
Sir Walter Scott, pen and ink copy of 1831 silhouette by Augustin Edouart (The Connoisseur. Volume 90, September 1932)
Sir Walter Scott, engraved by W.H. Lizars after an 1831 portrait by Captain William Wilkie (Corson P.1783)

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