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John Hawkesworth, fl. 1819-48

Little is known of the architectural engraver John Hawkesworth (or Hawksworth). He is first recorded as active in London in 1819. In 1823 he contributed to the History and Antiquities of the Parish of Islington, in 1835 to E.W. Brayley and J. Britton's The History of the Ancient Palace and Late Houses of Parliament at Westminster (1836), and in 1848 to vol. VII of Nichols's Illustrations of the Literary History of the Eighteenth Century. He was also responsible for some of the engravings in The Spirit of the Public Journals (1825), including the ornamental border to Thomas A. Woolnoth's engraving of Andrew Geddes's 1818 portrait of Sir Walter Scott (see detail below).

Corson P.4270
Click on the picture above to see a full-size image of Woolnoth and Hawkesworth's engraving of Andrew Geddes's portrait of Scott.


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