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J.R. West (fl. 1824-25)

Besides engraving Thomas Phillips's portrait of Sir Walter Scott in 1825, J.R. West engraved two portraits of historical figures featured in Ivanhoe for Portraits Illustrative of the Novels, Tales, & Romances of the Author of Waverley (London: C. Baldwyn, 1824). There is, however, no reference to West in any of the standard works on nineteenth-century artists and engravers. The page editor would be glad to receive any information on his life and career.

See below West's (full-size) engravings of King Richard I and King John of England which were made from earlier engravings by George Vertue.

King Richard I, engraved by J.R. West after George Vertue (Corson H.POR.2)
King John, engraved by J.R. West after George Vertue (Corson H.POR.2)

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