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Articles and Chapters on Sir Walter Scott Published in 2019

An Annotated Bibliography

Barnaby, Paul. 'The Young Person’s Sir Walter: Scott and the Nineteenth-Century Child Reader', in The Land of Story-Books: Scottish Children's Literature in the Nineteenth Century, ed. Sarah Dunnigan and Shu-Fang Lai (Glasgow: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 2019), pp. 20-41.

This essay charts how, in the decades preceding the First World War, Scott was repackaged as a writer ideally suited for childhood reading. It focuses on school editions of Scott’s works, biographies of Scott for children or young adults, and adaptations of Scott for home reading.

D'Arcens, Louise. ‘The Crusades and Medievalism', in The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the Crusades, ed. Anthony Bale (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019), pp. 248-62.

Includes a discussion of Ivanhoe, The Talisman, and The Betrothed.

Oliver, Susan. 'Walter Scott and Ariosto's Orlando Furioso', in Ariosto, the 'Orlando Furioso' and English Culture, ed. Jane E. Everson, Andrew Hiscock, and Stefano Jossa (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019)

Pagination unknown.

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