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Sir Walter Scott, engraved by John Horsburgh after Sir Henry Raeburn, 1886 (Corson P.7399)

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Sir Walter Scott, engraved by John Horsburgh after John Watson Gordon, 1830 (Corson P.6273)

1. E-Texts of Printed Biographies

2. Biographical Web-Pages

The following is a selection of the most accurate and comprehensive of the many brief online biographies of Scott.
  • Authors' Calendar - Part of a collection of biographical pages ordered both alphabetically and by date of birth, this page offers a brief overview of Scott's life and career, an account of his posthumous reputation, a chronological list of his major works, and a useful list of books for further reading.

  • Edinburgh University Library Gallery of Benefactors - This biographical page honours Scott's gift to the library of a copy of Sir Tristrem: A Metrical Romance of the Thirteenth Century by Thomas of Ercildoune, Called the Rhymer (1804) which he had edited from the Auchinleck manuscript.

  • - This writing community site provides an irreverent and not always accurate account of Scott's life and works by 'Scriblerus' with hypertextual links to other entries (from 'kilt' to 'whisky drinking').

  • Famous Scots - From Rampant Scotland, this biographical page contains images of Sir John Steele's sculpture of Scott in the Edinburgh Scott Monument and of Scott's portrait on a modern Bank of Scotland £5 note (see Letters of Malachi Malagrowther). There are links to pages on the Scott Monument, and on George IV's visit to Edinburgh in 1822.

  • Gazetteer for Scotland - Biographical notice, with image of Henry Raeburn's 1823 portrait, from a site hosted by the Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh.

  • Malaspina Great Books - This detailed biographical page is adapted from the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. There are links to other biographical pages, e-texts, online citations, online book-sellers, and other Scott-related sites.

  • Ram's Horn Studio - Detailed bio-bibliography by craftsmen and jewellers Jim and Beth Boyle, inspired by a visit to Scott's Abbotsford home. Accompanied by high-quality images of Scott and Abbotsford.

  • Significant Scots - Detailed biography from Alastair McIntyre's Electric Scotland site, with portrait and links to e-texts.

3. Pages on Episodes in Scott's Life

  • 'The Illnesses of Sir Walter Scott' by James Miller - From the archives of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, an article originally published in the Journal in December 1932.

  • James Nasmyth, Engineer: An Autobiography, ed. Samuel Smiles - Chapter 5 of Nasmyths's autobiography, published here by Bibliomania, records his childhood encounters with Scott in Edinburgh and, in particular, Scott's presence during the demolition of the Old Tolbooth gaol in 1817. Nasmyth's father was the distinguished painter and architect Alexander Nasymth, who provided illustrations for Scott's Border Antiquities of England and Scotland (1814-17), for Charles Heath's Waverley Album (1832), and for Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels (1832). The latter included a picture of the Old Tolbooth, reproduced as an illustration to the Bibliomania text.

  • Resolutions Proposed in the Aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo, June 27, 1815 - From the Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide, this page offers a report from the Edinburgh Evening Courant on 'a meeting of the Noblemen, Gentlemen, Merchants, Bankers, Traders, and other Inhabitants of Edinburgh, Leith, and their vicinity, held within the Parliament-house, on the 27th June 1815'. The resolutions, which were unanimously adopted, served to open a subscription to assist the wounded of Waterloo and the widows and children of those slain. They were proposed by Alexander Maconochie, Solicitor General for Scotland, and seconded by Scott.

  • Scotland's Pages - This is an interactive timeline of Scottish history based on an exhibition of manuscripts and printed material held in the National Library of Scotland in summer 2000. The entries for 1814, 1818, and 1822 deal respectively with the publication of Waverley, Scott's role in recovering the Honours of Scotland, and George IV's visit to Scotland.

  • 'Sir Walter Scott's Memories of Prestonpans' by Betty Wilson - An essay by a member of the Prestonpans Historical Society, describing Scott's two visits to Prestonpans in 1779 and 1830. As a child of eight, Scott spent some weeks with his Aunt Jenny in Prestonpans where it was thought that seabathing might assist his lameness. In 1830 Scott visited the site of the Battle of Prestonpans (1745) with his publisher Robert Cadell and Cadell's brother Francis.

  • Sir Walter Scott's Visit To Ireland - From Ken Finlay's Chapters of Dublin History site, an article reprinted from the Dublin Penny Journal, December 15, 1832, describing Scott's visit to Ireland in summer 1825. It is accompanied by an engraving of a medallion of Scott by John Henning.

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Dryburgh Abbey, engraved by Thomas Jeavons after David Roberts, 18--? (Corson P.1029)

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