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James Hogg, engraved by George J. Stodart after John Watson Gordon, 1876 (Corson P.2025)

Pages on People Associated with Scott

James Ballantyne, photogravure after unknown painter, 1903 (Corson B.CAW.1)

For the moment, this page lists only links which specifically discuss Scott's relationship with the figure in question. It will eventually be expanded to include more general pages on Scott's friends, contemporaries, and literary models.

  1. Sources and Literary Models
  2. Other

1. Friends and Associates

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2. Literary Sources and Inspirations

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3. Figures Inspired by Scott

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4. Models for Scott's Characters

The Antiquary | Ivanhoe | 'Lochinvar' | The Pirate | Peveril of the Peak | Rob Roy

The Antiquary

  • Edie Ochiltree's Grave, Roxburgh - From the visitor information site Discover the Borders, a page on the carved gravestone of Andrew Gemmels, the 'gaberlunzie man', who died at the age of 106, and upon whom Scott is though to have based the character Edie Ochiltree in The Antiquary. Together with a photograph of the gravestone, the page gives directions and information on visiting hours.


  • Rebecca Gratz - From Jewish Women's Archive, this page considers the claim of Jewish-American philanthropist Rebecca Gratz to be considered the model for Rebecca in Scott's Ivanhoe. Scott is purported to have learned of Gratz via their mutual friend Washington Irving.


  • Lochinvar, Our White Knight? - From the genealogical Land Family site, this text traces a family connection with James Montgomery who has been proposed as a model for Scott's 'young Lochinvar'. There is a link to a text of the ballad 'Lochinvar' (sung by Lady Heron in Marmion).

Peveril of the Peak

The Pirate

  • John Gow - From the Fea Family Website, a biographical page on John Gow, 'the Orkney Pirate' which notes Scott's departures from the historical account when recasting Gow as Captain Cleveland in The Pirate. James Fea, an ancestor of the site editors, was instrumental in Gow's capture.

  • John Gow, the Orkney Pirate - From the heritage site Orkneyjar, a biographical page on the pirate John Gow (ca 1698-1725) who is thought to be the model of Captain Cleveland in Scott's The Pirate.

  • Bessie Millie - From the genealogical site Ancestral Orkney, a paragraph on the Stromness 'witch' Bessie Millie who was reputed to sell favourable winds to sailors. She is said to have been visited by Scott during his 1814 visit to Orkney and to have inspired the character of Norma of the Fitful Head in The Pirate. She is also thought to have provided Scott with an account of the life of John Gow whom she claimed to have known.

Rob Roy

  • Rob Roy MacGregor (or McGregor) - From the tourist information site InCallander, a biographical page on Rob Roy MacGregor, including a lengthy extract from Picturesque Scotland (1883) by Francis Watt and Andrew Carter.

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5. Other

  • Significant Scots: Thomas Graham - From Electric Scotland, an entry from the Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen (1856) on Thomas Graham, Lord Lynedoch, the Scottish general who commanded the British contingent at the Battle of Barossa (1811). Scott's lines of tribute in The Vision of Don Roderick are quoted. The same resource provides a further page on Thomas Graham from James Taylor's The Great Historic Families of Scotland (1887).

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Lady Forbes, engraved by C.H. Jeens, 1873 (Corson F.1.b.FORJ.SHA)

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