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Miscellaneous Scott-Related Publications

The following is a list of miscellaneous Scott-related publications published since the year 2000 which do not fall into any of the other categories covered by this bibliography (New Editions, Criticism and Biography, Translations, Musical Adaptations).

Callet, Auguste, and Javelin Pagnon. Allan Caméron: roman pastiche, publié en 1841, ed. Jean Berton (Saint-Etienne: Publications de l’université de Saint-Etienne, 2007) 317 p. ISBN: 9782862724669

New edition of a French historical novel published in 1841 which the authors sought to pass off as a translation of a newly discovered manuscript by Scott. The action is set in 1651 and sees Charles II enlist the aid of the Clan Cameron as he seeks to regain his father's throne. The text is followed by a critical essay which argues that the novel should be seen as falling midway between forgery and pastiche.

Michlová, Marie. Smrt Múz (Prague: Torst, 2012) 516 p. ISBN: 9788072154333

A Czech-langue novel ('Death of the Muse') featuring Scott, his family, J. G. Lockhart, James Hogg, Lord Byron, and Benjamin Disraeli.

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