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Recent Translations from Sir Walter Scott

The following is not a comprehensive list of translations published since January 2000. It aims to include only entirely new translations or reprints with substantial new editorial material. As it has not always proved possible, however, to gather full data for very recent publications, the list may currently contain some reprints. Similarly, we have excluded adaptations and abridgments, but, given the often problematic distinction between translation and adaptation, we may have erred on the side of inclusiveness. Due to limitations on time and resources, the list may also be excessively weighted towards Europe. It is hoped that, in due course, wider-ranging searches will be conducted. The page editor would be glad to be informed of any omissions or errors, or to receive notification of new translations. For a complete list (in progress) of translations published from Scott's own day onwards, consult the Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation (BOSLIT).


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Rob Roy, trans. Sonila Pasmaçiu (Tirana: Drier, 2005) 151 p.

Presumably an abridgement.

Vejusha e maleve: novelë, trans. Agim Llanaj (Tirana: Toena, 2001) 120 p.

Translation of 'The Highland Widow' (1827) and other stories.

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Ivanhoe, trans. Mirsad Kujovic, introd. Edin Pobric (Sarajevo: BH most, 2005) 545 p. ISBN: 9958771284

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Ivanhoe, trans. Montserrat Canela, appendix: Teresa Colomer (Barcelona: Edebé, 2000) 461 p. ISBN: 8423654761

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Quentin Durward, trans. Marijan Boršic (Zagreb: Naklada Stih, 2001) 415 p. ISBN: 953695902X

Skotske kratke price: antologija, ed. Vjekoslav Boban (Zagreb: Naklada Jurcic, [2003]) 542 p.

This anthology of Scottish short fiction in Croat translation contains one (unidentified) story by Scott.

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Klooster (Tallinn: Byronet, 2002) 500 p. ISBN: 9985941969

Translation of The Monastery (1820); translator unknown.

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Ivanhoé: et autres romans, ed. Sylvère Monod, Jean-Yves Tadié, Philippe Jaudel, Pierre Morère and Henri Suhamy (Paris: Gallimard, 2007) xliv, 1631 p. ISBN: 9782070116201

The second volume of Scott's work to appear in the prestigious Bibliothèque de la Pléiade consists of new translations (based on the Magnum Opus) of three of Scott's medieval novels: Ivanhoe (1819), Quentin Durward (1823), and The Talisman (1825). Ivanhoe is translated, introduced, and annotated by Henri Suhamy; Quentin Durward is translated by Philippe Jaudel and introduced and annotated by Pierre Morère; The Talisman is translated, introduced, and annotated by Sylvère Monod. An appendix contains extracts from Scott's 'Essay on Chivalry' (1818), translated and annotated by Pierre Morère. The translations are preceded by a general introduction by Jean-Yves Tadié and a timeline by Sylvère Monod. The volume contains a tribute to Sylvère Monod (1921-2006), a distinguished Anglicist and prolific translator, who died before the volume could be published.

Redgauntlet: histoire du XVIIIe siècle, trans. Albert Montémont, introd. James McCearney ([Monaco]; [Paris]: Motifs, 2006) 2 vols (429, 412 p.) ISBN: 9782268060057 (vol. 1),9782268060866 (vol. 2)

Reprint of a translation originally published in 1831 with a new critical introduction.

Le Talisman, trans. Claude Dandréa and Paul Bensimon (Paris: Phébus, 2007) 383 p. ISBN: 9782752902306

The Talisman (1825) itself is translated by Claude Dandréa, Scott's introduction and notes by Paul Bensimon.

Waverley et autres romans, ed. Sylvère Monod, Jean-Yves Tadié, Alain Jumeau, and Henri Suhamy (Paris: Gallimard, 2003) lxxi, 1510 p. ISBN: 2070116190

The first volume of Scott's work to appear in the prestigious Bibliothèque de la Pléiade consists of new translations (based on the Magnum Opus) of three novels of eighteenth-century Scotland, Waverley (1814), The Black Dwarf (1816), and The Heart of Mid-Lothian (1818). Waverley is translated, introduced and annotated by Henri Suhamy, The Black Dwarf by Alain Jumeau, and The Heart of Mid-Lothian by Sylvère Monod. An appendix contains Jedediah Cleishbotham's introduction to the First Series of Tales of My Landlord (1816), translated and annotated by Alain Jumeau. The translations are preceded by a general introduction by Jean-Yves Tadié and a timeline by Sylvère Monod.

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Ivanois, trans. Vasiliki Liaska (Athens: Atlantis, 2001) 360 p.

Ivanois, trans. A. G. Skordilis (Athens: Kalentis, 2001) 532 p. ISBN: 9602191074

Both translations of Ivanhoe (1819).

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Ivanho, trans. Hanah Livnat, ill. Edouard Riou, Frédéric Théodore Lix, Adrien-Emmanuel Marie, and Jules Jean Marie Joseph Huyot (Tel-Aviv : Zemorah-Bitan, 2004) 576 p. ISBN: 9655172163

Translation of Ivanhoe (1819) with illustrations from the 1880 French edition published by Firmin-Didot of Paris, engraved by Huyot after drawings by Riou, Lix, and Marie.

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Del soprannaturale nel romanzo fantastico, ed. Carlo Bordoni; introd. Romolo Runcini (Cosenza: L. Pellegrini, 2004) 115 p. ISBN: 8881011891

Anonymous translation of Scott's 1827 essay 'On the Supernatural in Fictitious Composition', reprinted from an edition published in 1835 by Gaspare Truffi in Milan.

I due mandriani, ed. and trans. Valentina Poggi, introd. Remo Ceserani (Palermo : Sellerio, [2004]) 90 p. ISBN: 8838919313

Translation of 'The Two Drovers' (1827) by Valentina Poggi, doyenne of Scottish Studies in Italy, who provides an accompanying essay '"I due mandriani": lo scontro con la diversità' ['The Two Drovers: The Encounter with Diversity']. An appendix contains two classic tales of Italian verismo which bear the imprint of Scott's tale: Giovanni Verga's 'Cavalleria rusticana' and Luigi Capuana's 'Comparatico'.

Ivanhoe, introd. Carlo Pagetti, trans. Laura Pugno (Rome: La Repubblica, [2004]) xxxi, 602 p. ISBN: 8889145307

Part of a series of freshly translated nineteenth-century classics published as a supplement to the newspaper La Reppublica.

Kenilworth, introd. Giuseppe Bernardi (Milan: Fabbri, 2002) 478 p.

Translator unknown.

Rob Roy, trans. Patrizia Juvarra (Milan: Principato, 2004) 192 p. ISBN: 8841619813

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Kojo no bijin, trans. Takero Sato (Ichikawa : Arubashobo, 2002) 223 p. ISBN: 4990132106

Translation of The Lady of the Lake, following Takero Sato's earlier translations of The Lay of the Last Minstrel (1983) and Marmion (1995). Takero Sato is also one of the translators of a Japanese edition of J.G. Lockhart's Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart (Tokyo : Sairyusha, 2001).

Weivari-, matawa 60 nen maeno monogatari, trans. Walter Scott (Tokyo: Manyohsha Publishing Co., 2011)

Translation of Waverley (1814).

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Ivanhoe, trans. Petre Solomon (Chisinau: Litera International, 2003) 551 p.

This is the first appearance in Moldova of a translation originally published in Romania in 1955. Debate continues as to whether Moldavian (or Moldovan) and Romanian are distinct languages. An earlier Moldavian translation of Ivanhoe by Iosif Balcan was published by Shkoala sovetiko in 1957.

Richard Inima-de-Leu, trans. A. Iacobescu, Doina Floarea (Chisinau: Prut International, 2003) 364 p.

Translation of The Talisman (1825), only the second Scott novel -- after Ivanhoe -- to appear in Moldavian.

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Lucy frå Lammermoor, trans. Sigrun Anny Røssbø (Oslo: Von forl., 2001) 354 p. ISBN: 8291364028

Translation of The Bride of Lammermoor (1819).

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Ivanhoe: powrót krzyzowca, trans. Agnieszka Slusarczyk and Marta Steplewska (Warsaw: Zielona Sowa, 2003) 340 p. ISBN: 8373890521

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Ivanhoé, trans. Marcos Malvezzi Leal (São Paulo: Madras, 2003) 360 p. ISBN: 8573746327

Ivanhoe, trans. Ana Paula da Silva Santos Miraldo (Barcelona; Madrid: Mediasat Group, 2004) 512 p. ISBN: 8497898664

Portuguese translation of Ivanhoe (1819), published in Spain in the series 'Os grandes génios da literatura universal' (The Great Geniuses of Universal Literature').

Rob Roy, trans Isabel Sequeira (Mem Martins: Europa-América, 2003) ISBN: 9721051292

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Ivanhoe, trans. Petre Solomon, introd. Alexandra Bârna (Bucharest : Editura 100+1, 2000) 368 p. ISBN: 9735911485

A reprint of a text first published in 1955 with a new critical introduction.

Ivanhoe, trans. Stefan Dimulescu (Bucharest: Regis, 2001) 352 p. ISBN: 9738536081

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Istoriya Shotlandii: drevneishikh vremen do floddenskogo srazheniya 1513 goda: dedushkiny rasskazy, trans. Tat'iana Berdikova and Marina Tiun'kina (Moscow: B.S.G-Press, 2005) 479 p. ISBN: 5933811688

Translation, possibly the first into Russian, of part of Tales of a Grandfather, First Series (1828). The base text is From Bannockburn to Flodden, the first in a four-volume edition of Scott's text published as Tales of a Scottish Grandfather by Cumberland House of Nashville, Tennesse (2001). Scott's own edition of Tales of a Grandfather was published in three series, the first covering Scottish history from the reign of Macbeth (1033-56) to the Union of the Crowns (1603).

Kventin Dorvard: roman; Aivengo: roman (Moscow: OLMA-PRESS, 2002) 639 p. ISBN: 5948491498

Translation of Quentin Durward (1823) and Ivanhoe (1820); translator(s) unknown, illustrations by A. Itkina.

Marmion: povest' o bitve pri Floddine v shesti pesnyakh, trans. Vasily P. Betaki, ed. G. S. Usova (St Petersburg: Nauka, 2000) 356 p. ISBN: 5020284602

The first full verse translation into Russian of Marmion (1808) was originally commissioned in the 1960s as part of a twenty-volume edition of Scott's Collected Works. When the translation was almost complete, however, the chief editor P.M. Samarin vetoed the inclusion of Marmion on account of Scott's conservative views and his praise of two political enemies of Russia, William Pitt the Younger and Charles Fox. Forty years later, Vasily P. Betaki was finally permitted to complete his work, and the text was published in the prestigious series 'Literaturnye pamyatniki' (Literary Monuments). This edition, which also contains a critical essay and notes by G. S. Usova, has been hailed as 'the most remarkable and important event in the history of Scott's Russian reception in recent years' (Mark G. Altshuller, 'The Rise and Fall of Walter Scott's Popularity in Russia' (trans. Neil Stewart), in Murray Pittock (ed.), The Reception of Sir Walter Scott in Europe (London: Continuum, 2006), pp. 204-40 (p. 240)).

Rob Roi, trans. N. D. Volpin, introd. Ian Duncan (Moscow: Izd-vo AST; Tranzitkniga, 2003) 446 p. ISBN: 5170197837

Reprint of a 1937 translation of Rob Roy (1817) with a translation of Ian Duncan's introduction to the 1998 Oxford World's Classics edition of the novel.

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Ajvanho: istorijski roman o srednjovekovnoj Engleskoj, trans. Ljubiša Tucakovic (Belgrade: Prosveta, 2004) 474 p. ISBN: 8607015265

Translation of Ivanhoe (1819).

Lekareva kci, trans. Branka Lukac (Belgrade : Narodna knjiga, 2006) 194 p. ISBN: 8633128071

Translation of 'The Surgeon's Daughter' (1827).

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Nevesta z Lammermooru, trans. Eduard Castiglione (Bratislava: Media Klub, 2000) 230 p. ISBN: 8088963451

Translation of The Bride of Lammermoor (1819).

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Cuentos sobrenaturales, trans. Javier Franco Aixelrá, ill. Tino Gatagán (Madrid: Gaviota, 2000) 286 p. ISBN: 8439280785

Selected supernatural tales by Scott.

Defensa de la nación escocesa: (las cartas de Malachi Malagrowther), trans., preliminary study and notes: Fernando Toda Iglesia; stylistic revision: Mª Pilar Castán Lanaspa; introd. Luis Moreno; prologue: Juan Jesús Zaro (Málaga: Universidad de Málaga, 2004) 117 p. ISBN: 8497470370

Possibly the first translation into any language of Letters of Malachi Malagrowther (1826); no others are recorded in the Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation. The translator, Fernando Toda Iglesia has previously translated The Heart of Midlothian (1988), 'The Highland Widow', and 'The Two Drovers' (both 1991).

Eterna mortalidad, trans. Marta Salís (Barcelona: Alba Editorial, 2001) 500 p. ISBN: 8484280918

Translation of Old Mortality (1816).

Faros: viaje alrededor de Escocia en 1814, trans. and introd. Pablo Soler Frost (Tlalpan: Libros del Umbral, 2004) 187 p. ISBN: 9685115400

Mexican translation of Scott's diary of the voyage of inspection that he made around the coast of Scotland in 1814 as one of the Commissioners for the Northern Lighthouse Service (see The Lord of the Isles and The Pirate). The diary was published in English as Northern Lights, or, A Voyage in the Lighthouse Yacht to Nova Zembla and the Lord Knows Where in the Summer of 1814 (Hawick: Byways, 1982).

La habitación tapizada y otros relatos, trans. José Luis Moreno-Ruiz (Madrid: Valdemar, 2001) 318 p. ISBN: 847702347

Translation of 'The Tapestried Chamber' (1828) and other short stories.

Ivanhoe (Alcobendas, Madrid: LIBSA, 2000) 381 p. ISBN: 84-662-0160-2

Translator unknown.

Ivanhoe (Coslada, Madrid: Páramo, 2000) 508 p. ISBN: 8487253644

Translator unknown.

Ivanhoe (Valencia: Gallery Gema Group; Barcelona: EDIM, 2000) 508 p. ISBN: 8487253644

Translator unknown.

Ivanhoe, trans. Imma Baldocchi, appendix: Teresa Colomer (Barcelona: Edebé, 2000) 498 p. ISBN: 8423654737

Ivanhoe, trans. Pedro Barbadillo Gómez and José Ma. Calvo, introd. Espido Freire (Madrid: SM, 2001) 494 p.

Ivanhoe, trans. Enrique Campbell, introd. Francesc Lluís Cardona (Barcelona: Edicomunicación, 2001) 223 p. ISBN: 8484610268

Obras selectas, introd. María José Llorens Camps (Madrid: Edimat Libros, 2000?) 736 p. ISBN: 8484036448

Contains translations of Ivanhoe (1820) and The Pirate (1822).

Waverley, ed. and introd. José Enrique García González, Archivo digitalizado y edición traductológica de textos literarios y ensayísticos traducidos al español (HUM2004-00721FILO), Universidad de Málaga (2007) <> [accessed 13 May 2013]

Digital edition of an anonymous Spanish translation of Waverley (Barcelona: Librería-Imprenta de Oliva, 1836) with an introduction tracing the Spanish translation and reception history of Waverley and providing a critical analysis of the 1836 text.

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Aivenhoe: roman, trans. I.V. Murashchyk (L'viv: Vydavnychyi dim Panorama, 2001) 383 p. ISBN: 9669601215

Ajevngo, trans. A. N. Volkovich (Harkiv: Most-Tornado, 2003) 381 p.

Both translations of Ivanhoe (1820).

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Aivanhô, trans. Kiêm Tr'ân (Hanoi: NXB Van hoc, 2003) 695 p.

Translation of Ivanhoe (1820).

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