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1. Pages for Scott-Related projects and organisations

  • The Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club - Home site for a club that has been in existence for over a century and which aims 'to foster the name of Sir Walter Scott through meetings, lectures, publications and excursions'. The site presents membership and contact details, a list of events put on by the club, selected articles from the Club's Annual Bulletin, and links to other Scott-related sites.

  • Edinburgh University Press - Home page of the publishers of the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels. Although there is currently no unified page for the edition, details of individual volumes can be gleaned from the catalogue pages.

  • Save Scott's Countryside - Home page for a non-profit-making organisation opposed to development of Sir Walter Scott's lands between Abbotsford and Melrose. The site features a discussion of the planning issues, photographs of sites under consideration for development, news and events pages.

  • Walter Scott Research Centre (University of Aberdeen) - Information page for potential graduate students on a centre established in 1991 which provides the potential for Scott to be studied in a variety of contexts including Romanticism, 19th century Irish literature, Scottish art, Scots language, Victorian literature, and British, European and American politics. The main focus of the Centre's activities to date has been the completion of the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels, published by Edinburgh University Press (see above). The page describes the Centre's resources, including the Bernard C. Lloyd Walter Scott Collection, and outlines related courses and resources offered by the School of Language & Literature.

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2. General Pages on Scott's Life and Works

The following is a selection of online introductions to Scott. The sites and pages below provide a general overview of Scott's life and work, basic bibliographical information, an assessment of Scott's literary achievement, and/or seek to situate him within his literary and historical context. For links which focus more narrowly on Scott's biography, click here.

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3. Foreign-Language Pages on Scott's Life and Works

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  • Música i literatura - Susagna Argemí's Catalan-language page provides a succinct biography and discusses Scott's reception in nineteenth-century Catalonia. It includes an audio link to Schubert's setting of 'Hymn to the Virgin' ('Ave Maria! Maiden mild!') from The Lady of the Lake and links to the German, English, and Catalan text of the song.

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  • - Detailed French-language biographical page from Marc Nadaux's immense bio-bibliographical resource devoted to the historical period 1815-1914.

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  • A.L.K. Libri - This Italian-language online literary journal offers a concise bio-bibliographical page with consideration of Scott's contribution to world literature and link to page on Ivanhoe.

  • Antenati - From an online history of European Literature, this Italian-language page gives a succinct bio-bibliographical account of Scott and considers his relationship with Romanticism.

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  • El Poder de la Palabra - From a site devoted to poetic prose, this Spanish-language pages gives a brief biographical account and discusses Scott's impact on Spanish and Latin American literature in the nineteenth century. There are links to images of the Sir Thomas Lawrence and Raeburn (1808) portraits.

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Scott Monument, engraved by Robert Scott after George Meikle Kemp's design, 1840 (Corson P.1611)

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